Ask the Administration?

Where is the school located?

6666 Commerce St.
Springfield. Virginia 20150

What ages does Al-Qalam Academy educate?

Al Qalam Academy currently serves 6th through 12th grade.

Is the school accredited?

Currently, AL Qalam Academy is seeking accreditation. However, the process is long and will take more time for full completion. Nevertheless, our curriculum is consistent with Fairfax County Public schools for core classes. Thus, all of our students graduate with a diploma and Standardized test that allow them to enter into a University or College of their choice.

Do Al Qalam Academy Students take Virginia SOLs?

The VDOE ( Virginia Department of Education) does not allow any private schools to participate in SOLs. SOLS are strictly offered in public schools only. However, we provide an equivalent standardized testing program offered by Stanford University. These tests the core skills of students based on grade level requirements and standards for the country.