About The Academy

Al-Qalam Academy is the only all girls Islamic high school in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. Our Academy’s philosophy is to engrain in each student the principles of submission to the will of Allah (SWT) and the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) as an essential element in achieving excellence academically and individually. The Mission of Al-Qalam Academy is to integrate and reinforce secular education with Islamic principles to ensure that our daughters graduate with a firm Muslim identity in order to face challenges of today’s society and to be steadfast on Islam. We provide a conducive learning environment where students excel in all areas of academics, yet at the same time learn to develop tolerance towards each other’s feelings.

Al-Qalam Academy’s academic program offers all core subjects: English, Math, Science, and Social Studies set by the Virginia Standards of Learning (SOL). Additionally, our curriculum incorporates Arabic, Quran and Islamic Studies, which builds our students’ character as ideal Muslimahs. We try to emphasize the use of Arabic as a language so that the level of understanding the meaning of the Quran is easier. Our Islamic Studies program incorporates the daily practice of Islam as a way of life, following the examples of our Prophet (SAW).

The school was established in 1998. Including this year we have had eight graduating classes. Al-Qalam Academy offers advance diploma and help to students who take AP courses individually. Students who have taken AP classes have achieved a score of 4 and above. Students have been easily accepted in many universities, including George Mason, Howard, and Marymount University. Al-Qalam also offers SAT prep classes beginning in the sophomore year to students.

At Al-Qalam Academy we strive to build academically strong youth with morals to match. Our goal is to develop the students’ pride in their Muslim identity. Girls graduating from Al-Qalam develop a balanced personality that reflects the moderation of Islam and whenever the need arises they use the wisdom of the Quran to make the right choices in life.